Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Community Fundraising

There are a number of things the community are trying to get for the eco school such as a
· New play park with shelter
· Wind turbine
· Community garden
We have fundraising events for the community and we are applying for grants.

By Annabella Green and Douglas Hull

The plastic bottle windbreak

We had a lot of empty plastic water bottles from when we had a shortage of water in the school and had to use bottled water. The bottles were just lying around in the school house not being used so during the three
make learn, and do days we decided to use the bottles to make a plastic bottle wind break.
Making the wind break:
To make the wind break we glued 4 bottles end to end to make a taller bottle. We made lots of these long bottles and took them out to the fence at the back of the play park. We laid the bottles against the fence the fence 1 by 1 and as we went along we rolled wire netting over it and fastened it to each post with fencing staples until we got to the last post.
Some of it is starting to fall but most of it’s still standing.

By Erik Flaws


We made posters to invite people to the school when we started Eco schools. Barbara Cass and Dianne Hull came to the school to help. We looked at school grounds, energy, water, health/ wellbeing, biodiversity, waste minimisation, litter and transport.

By Tamara Taylor and Kimberley Green

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Compost bin

Compost Bin

We had to look in a lot of different catalogues and then we finally found the compost bin in Eco Education. We found it on the same page as our water butt.

It is very good for Eco Schools because you can use the compost it makes for gardening. It is called Compost Easy, because there is a door at the bottom to take the compost out which makes it very easy to use.

We are going to put it just inside the schoolhouse gate. Mrs. Gregg, from Trumland House, kindly gave us some fine wire mesh to put underneath it so that vermin don't get in the bin.

We will put banana skins, apple cores, orange peel and other fruit and vegetable waste into the bin.


The Water Butt

We picked the water butt, because Kathryn in the nursery had to keep bringing buckets of water out to put in the big water tray.

We looked in lots of catalogues, but could not find anything, so Andrew found one that had one in. Then we went down to the office and filled in the order form.

When it came, we put it outside the school door and we are going to connect it to the drainpipe.

Harry and Alice

Wall mount bin

We needed this bin because there was litter around the front of the school and there were no bins there.
We looked through lots of catalogues and found nothing until the last catalogue, then we found a perfect wall mount bin for £80.10.
This bin is good because there is a small hole to put your litter in so it doesn’t blow out and away.
Now we hope people will put their litter in the bin.
By Annie and Douglas

What we want to get next

We are still looking for:
· A litter picker because some people are littering in the playground.
· Bike shelter because some people cycle to school and their bikes are getting rusty.
How we will try to do this:
· We are still trying to get a litter picker with a lower postage price.
· The JRSO officers (P7) are trying to find how to get money for the bike shelter.
Karin, Charles