Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The plastic bottle windbreak

We had a lot of empty plastic water bottles from when we had a shortage of water in the school and had to use bottled water. The bottles were just lying around in the school house not being used so during the three
make learn, and do days we decided to use the bottles to make a plastic bottle wind break.
Making the wind break:
To make the wind break we glued 4 bottles end to end to make a taller bottle. We made lots of these long bottles and took them out to the fence at the back of the play park. We laid the bottles against the fence the fence 1 by 1 and as we went along we rolled wire netting over it and fastened it to each post with fencing staples until we got to the last post.
Some of it is starting to fall but most of it’s still standing.

By Erik Flaws


  1. I saw this wind break when I was last out at the school. I wondered who had built it. Are you going to mend the bits that have started to fall?

  2. I really like this idea! I think I am going to try and use it for my vegetable patch in my garden.

    Mr. Barber

  3. Very good idea!!!! We would do that but the younger class (p1,2&3) recycle the bottles we collect.
    From Sian and Jennifer (p7) Orphir.