Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Compost bin

Compost Bin

We had to look in a lot of different catalogues and then we finally found the compost bin in Eco Education. We found it on the same page as our water butt.

It is very good for Eco Schools because you can use the compost it makes for gardening. It is called Compost Easy, because there is a door at the bottom to take the compost out which makes it very easy to use.

We are going to put it just inside the schoolhouse gate. Mrs. Gregg, from Trumland House, kindly gave us some fine wire mesh to put underneath it so that vermin don't get in the bin.

We will put banana skins, apple cores, orange peel and other fruit and vegetable waste into the bin.



  1. What a good idea? Can you put any kind of food into the bin even cooked meat?

  2. What are you going to do with the compost?
    The younger class collect food waste from the staff room and nursery and put it all in the green cone at the back of our school gardens, although we don't do much gardening.
    -Sian & Jennifer (p7 Orphir)