Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Water Butt

We picked the water butt, because Kathryn in the nursery had to keep bringing buckets of water out to put in the big water tray.

We looked in lots of catalogues, but could not find anything, so Andrew found one that had one in. Then we went down to the office and filled in the order form.

When it came, we put it outside the school door and we are going to connect it to the drainpipe.

Harry and Alice


  1. What an excellent idea, do they use the bitg water tray outside? Do you think that it may overflow in really wet weather?

  2. That seems like a good idea.
    Is there a tap on it or do you have to put a bucket through the top?
    Sian and Jennifer (p7) Orphir

  3. In reply to Mrs Whitfords class blog.
    The nursery do use the water tray in the summer.
    The water butt has an adapter so when it is full the water goes straight down the drain.